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Rates for translationTop quality at affordable prices – that is the standard we set.

Apoint translations usually calculates its fees on the basis of a standard line of 55 keystrokes. We count the number of keystrokes in the target text. In cases where calculation by the line is for some reason not possible, e.g. in MS-Excel or MS-PowerPoint files, we calculate our fees by the hour.

into DE into FR, NL, EN, IT
Standard rate per line for simple texts
(e.g. general business correspondence)
CHF 3.00 CHF 3.40
Rate per line for more demanding texts
(e.g. legal documents or product descriptions)
CHF 3.40 CHF 3.80
Rate per line for complex texts
(e.g. technical texts requiring a lot of research)
CHF 3.80 to 4.00 CHF 4.00
Certified translation
(into DE only and valid only in Switzerland)
CHF 30.00
+ stamp fee
Rate per line for rush work
(overnight, over weekend or public holiday)
CHF 4.20 CHF 4.70
Hourly rate
(adaptation of existing translations; cases where
calculation by the line is not possible)
CHF 100.00 CHF 120.00
Hourly rate for rush work
(overnight, over weekend or public holiday)
CHF 140.00 CHF 150.00
Postal and courier costs for rush work Actual cost Actual cost
Note - Minimum charge per order is CHF 25.00
- In cases where we need to work on site or on the client’s premises we also invoice for any additional travelling expenses incurred, e.g. rail and taxi costs.

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