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The practice at apoint translations – flexible and innovative as this young enterprise is – has for many years now been to resort not only to dictionaries, reference works, and specialist literature in their printed form – but increasingly nowadays to the virtually inexhaustible sources of information available on the world wide web. This includes inter alia the following highly useful and interesting links. Please note that these links refer to external sites and that consequently apoint translations has no influence on any information these may contain.

TERMDAT: the terminology database of the Swiss Federal Administration
Federal Authorities of the Swiss Confederation: archive and glossaries in 5 languages
Europa “Gateway to the European Union”: useful information in 20 languages
IATE: terminology database run by the EU in 24 European languages
Duden Online: the classic for German usage and spelling for quick reference
Woxikon: Online encyclopedia – dictionary and translations
LEO: German - French dictionary run by the Technische Universität München
LEO: German - English dictionary run by the Technische Universität München online dictionary German-English / English-German
Merriam-Webster: English dictionary, thesaurus and English-Spanish dictionary
Pons Online: online dictionary, very useful for translating from or into German
Van Dale taalweb: dictionaries for the Dutch language (site in Dutch)
Online dictionaries into Dutch (site in Dutch)
"Chochichästli-Orakel": humorous way to identify various Swiss dialects
Blinde Kuh: foreign-language search engine for children (and adults)

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